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My name is Beartracker (AKA Kim A. Cabrera). I invite you to explore the world of tracking with me. I am interested in both animal and SAR (Search and Rescue) tracking. When you explore this site, you will find information on animals and their tracks. I have also included links to my favorite tracking sites. As you follow the links below, you will find pictures of animal tracks and drawings. In addition to animal tracks, you will find pictures of the animals themselves and natural history information for each species. If you know how to identify animal tracks, you can tell who has visited the location. If you know about the habits of the animal, you will understand why it visited that place.

You cannot find tracks unless you go out and look for them. Therefore, I have included a few tips on where to find them and even some links to my favorite tracking and hiking areas.

This site is intended to be a source of information about North American animals and their tracks. I do not claim to be an expert tracker, just someone who loves tracking. My certification information is below, if you are curious. The joy of tracking is in solving the mysteries out there. Every time you go tracking, you will find new stories written on the ground, just waiting for you to unlock their secrets. I learn more and more each time I go out for a walk. I invite you to explore this fascinating world with me. To get started, pick the type of animal you are interested in from the list below. I hope you have as much fun exploring this site as I'm having creating it.

Beartracker on Social Media

Many of you are finding tracks and coming to this site to try to identify them. As well as this site, there are some resources to help you on social media. Here are the places I recommend.

Animal tracks, and tracking in general, are fascinating. To meet other trackers, or just learn from others, you can find my group on Facebook. The group is called Animals Don't Cover Their Tracks and the link is:
Find a track and want to tell everyone about it? Want to find out what others have learned about tracking? Whether you track animals or humans, you can post a message to the this group. Open to all trackers, anywhere, for the discussion of anything related to tracking. Animal tracks, human tracks, or even bicycle tracks. It's a forum for all trackers. It is intended to be a place where anyone can post a track they have found and have some help identifying it. I recommend including some sort of known object in your track photo to give a sense of scale. If you would like them, there are free printable rulers I made (PDF format) in a link lower down on this page.

Also, I create many animal tracking and wildlife videos on my YouTube channel. The videos are about animal tracks and sign, or just awesome captures from my trail cameras. I've got a whole library of videos you can browse on my channel. The link is:

You can also find me at Beartracker Nature Films on Facebook. Here is the link:

If you are interested in learning about how to become certified as a wildlife tracker, check out the CyberTracker page. I highly recommend the CyberTracker evaluation system. It's a great way to learn tracking in-depth and to interact with other trackers. I am certified by CyberTracker as a Track and Sign Specialist, and Trailing 2, and Tracker 2. Find out more about what those certifications mean on that site.
Here is the link

You can also post your track finds on the North American Animal Tracking Database on iNaturalist. I am a curator on that project and many trackers there can help you identify your finds. To join this page, you need to be a member of iNaturalist, which is FREE and just requires a sign-up. Please include an object of known size in your track photos so that there is a scale to judge the track size from. You can print my free tracking rulers below.
The link is:

My track drawings are now available on t-shirts in my Amazon store. Here are the links to my designs. Since there are frauds and thieves out there who have stolen my designs, I recommend purchasing only through the links I provide on this site. Otherwise, you will get a ripoff of my work and it won't be accurate.

New track rulers I made with accurate track drawings. Available exclusively from me. See image below for how to order.

Tracking rulers


About Beartracker

Animals and Their Tracks

Animals don’t cover their tracks.

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new stuff Spring is here and the frogs are singing again! Check out the latest treefrog serenade on my treefrog page. Recorded March 2000 on Humboldt County's Eel River.

Anything that moves over the ground leaves signs of its passage. You can find these tracks and signs if you know what to look for. These pages will teach you to recognize the tracks and signs left by some common animals.

Species List

Guidelines for Use of Material

NEW ... Download my free animal tracks guide. This is an Adobe PDF file a little over 2MB. The download will be slow over a dial-up connection. (This guide prints on two pages.) You need the free Acrobat Reader to open this file.

OR, download the brand new track guide. Three pages of tracks with all new drawings and a few extra spaces to draw your own. This one is a 463KB PDF file.
New 2004 animal tracks guide.

NEW! Beartracker's Animal Tracks Den now has an online store! Browse for merchandise related to tracking. I provide the information on this web site for free. The site has grown so much that it can no longer be hosted on a free service, so I have to pay a monthly fee. Proceeds from any sales go to help maintain this site and pay the monthly fees. Thank you for checking out the store!
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General Tracking Information

• Where to find tracks.

• Tips for seeing tracks and following them.

• How to make and use a Tracking Stick.  (You may also download this file as a PDF.)

• Tracking activities for teachers and naturalists.

• Plaster track casting procedure  (You may also download this file as a PDF.)

• Canine vs. Feline tracks (Is it a cat or a dog?) (How to tell cougar from dog tracks)

• Learn to be a Tracker! The PAWS Principle

• Animal Feet Photos

• Tracking Rulers - free printable scales to include in your track photos ( two styles)

• Tracking and Wildlife Videos (Many of these are Adobe Flash format, so may not play on all devices. If you have trouble viewing them, see the videos on my YouTube channel.

• Tracking Articles (Beartracker in the media) 

• Tracking Criminals (A true story of one of my tracking experiences) 

• Natural Hazards in the Outdoors

• Trail Camera Photos of Animals

• Tracking reference sources (Or visit my new Amazon bookstore. Any percentages I earn from bookstore purchases help me pay the monthly fees for this web site. Your help is appreciated. Thank you.)

• Tracking Bookstore featuring animal tracking books for adults and children

• What is SAR Tracking?

• Real Animal Track Impressions from Sooted Bait Stations

• Quick Reference Animal Track Guide

• List of my Recent Animal Track Finds

• Tracking Adventure Stories

• Glossary of Tracking Terms

• Animal Scat Section
This new section has photos of animal scat, or droppings. This is an important part of tracking and identifying species. However, if you are bothered by such things, you may not want to visit this section. I have put this information all in its own section for this reason. The intent of providing this information is not to offend anyone. This is simply information that I found a lack of on the 'net.

Join the Tracking and Signcutting Club and talk to other trackers. It’s free. Includes trackers message board and our own private chat room.

Or, join the new Animal Tracking Club. It’s also free. Includes same as above.

Or visit the Trackers and Signcutters Trail on DejaNews. It’s free. This also includes a trackers message board.

Check out my coloring book for kids! Available at Amazon. If your kids want to learn animal tracks, what better way than to color them? Click on the book cover to go to Amazon and buy one.

Check this out! My track drawings are now in a book! "Buckshot's Modern Trappers Guide."

Written by an expert trapper. I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in trapping. It contains a complete tracking section with drawings that were done by me - Kim Cabrera. So I have more than one reason to recommend this book! Check it out for yourself. It's worth a look. It is ranked #1 in sales in the "Trapping" category on Check out Buckshot's web site too. (Buckshot's Camp)

Also, my opossum track drawings are featured on the cover of the new novel, "Possums Sing" by Marlina Claire. Check it out!

Beartracker also maintains a blog of book reviews. I review many books, both fiction and non-fiction. Find my blog here:

Animal Tracks and Signs by Beartracker Wildlife Tracking - My Project on iNaturalist

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Links to Tracking Sites

Search and Rescue Tracking

• Universal Tracking Services Home Page • International Society of Professional Trackers
• Pacific Northwest Trackers Association • Western New Mexico Search and Rescue Trackers Association
• Search and Rescue Society of British Columbia
 Fernando Moreira's Professional Tracking Services
• Joel Hardin Professional Tracking Services
• Snohomish County Volunteer Search & Rescue Tracking Page Natural Awareness Tracking School
• Lost Person Behavior Characteristics (From SARBC’s page.)
• Bay Area Search and Rescue Council • National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR)
 SARTI • K-9 Emergency Response Teams, Inc.
• Hug-A-Tree National Headquarters

Animal Tracking and Others
• Paul Rezendes Tracking Site • A Naturalist's World
• Tom Brown Jr.’s Tracker School (official site) • Nature Tracking - Jonah Evans' web site
• Ndakinna Education Center • Keeping Track
• Wilderness Awareness School • Earth Skills - James Lowery's site
• CyberTracker Blog
•CyberTracker Tracker Certification
• Animal Tracks and Signs by Beartracker Wildlife Tracking (guide)
 • My iNaturalist Wildlife Track Observations
• CyberTracker Conservation
• Reddit Animal Tracking
Tactical Tracking/Law Enforcement
• Tactical Tracking Operations School, Inc. • CyberTracker
• Scott Donelan Tracking School
  • Selous Scouts

Other Links

Places to go Hiking

• California State Parks (I worked for them. Some great parks here.)

• Redwood National Park (My neighbors to the north. Good place to go hiking.)

• Grand Canyon National Park (Grand Canyon Association expanded web site)

• National Park Service (ParkNet) Explore our National Parks! Many tracking opportunities here!

• Yellowstone Park Net (Yellowstone National Park Information)

Animals Reference Sites

• Animal Diversity Web (Excellent resource - also college level)

Other Web Sites I Wrote

• Animal Tracks of Humboldt County (Northern California Animal Tracks)

• Tracking How-To (Learning to read tracks - the secret language of the wilderness.)
This site is under construction.

• KG6BFO Humboldt County Frequency Guide (Amateur radio and scanner frequencies)

Tracking 2006 - International Society of Professional Trackers Conference

Animal Tracks and Signs by Beartracker Wildlife Tracking



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