Animals Quiz

(Answers below.)

1. Which member of the dog family can climb trees?

A. Gray Fox
B. Mountain Lion
C. Coyote
D. German Shepherd

2. Which animals have hollow hairs to keep them warm?

A. Deer Mice
B. River Otters
C. Elephants
D. Humans

3. All of the following are mammals except:

A. Gray Whale
B. Bat
C. Salmon
D. Deer Mouse

4. The young live in water and breathe through gills.

A. Bats
B. Amphibians
C. Turtles
D. Aquatic Garter Snakes

5. The smallest mammal is:

A. Deer Mouse
B. Shrew
C. Pygmy Goat
D. Lemur

6. Foxes, coyotes, and wolves are:

A. Mammals
B. Canids
C. Hunters
D. All of the above

7. Mammals do not have:

A. Hair
B. Lungs
C. Warm blood
D. Gills

8. True or false - All cats have long tails.

9. Frogs, salamanders and newts are:

A. Insects
B. Amphibians
C. Furry
D. Fish

10. The ______ has a call that sounds like "Chi-ca-go."

A. Gray Fox
B. Bobcat
C. California Valley Quail
D. Mountain Lion

11. The _______ can imitate the call of a red-tailed hawk.

A. Porcupine
B. Red Squirrel
C. Stellerís Jay
D. Bobcat

12. This animal does not eat wood.

A. Porcupine
B. Termite
C. Beaver
D. Lynx

13. The porcupine can shoot its quills:

A. Fifty feet
B. Only straight up in the air.
C. Porcupines cannot shoot their quills.
D. Only at dogs.

14. True or false - All black bears hibernate all winter.

15. Skunks spray:

A. Methyl mercaptan
B. When threatened
C. Fifteen to 20 feet
D. All of the above.


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