Insects, Arachnids,
and Other Invertebrates
Tracks and Signs


What is an Insect?

Insects outnumber all other animals, with about 800,000 species described so far. They are arthropods and are found almost everywhere. They are the most highly developed of the invertebrates (animals without a backbone). Some have a highly developed social structure. Most grow by metamorphosis, passing through at least two distinct stages. Insect bodies consist of three parts: the thorax, abdomen, and head. They have two antennae and mandibles, or jaws, on the head. Insects have three pairs of legs and an external skeleton (exoskeleton).


What is a Spider?

Although spiders are arachnids rather than insects, I have put them on this page. Spiders have eight legs and most of them spin webs from silk.


What is a Invertebrate?

Invertebrates are animals without backbones. This includes insects, spiders, molluscs, butterflies, caterpillars, beetles, and more.

Click on the name of the invertebrate below to see a picture of its tracks and/or sign and some natural history information about it.



Antlion Ants
Bald-Faced Hornet  Sand Wasps (Bembix)
Banana Slug Beetles
Bumblebee Carpenter Bees
Caterpillar Crayfish (Crawdad)
Dragonflies Earthworm
Grasshoppers Honeybees
Jerusalem Cricket Leaf Rollers
Millipedes Paper Wasp
Scorpions Slugs
Sowbugs Spiders
Stoneflies Tent Caterpillars
Tomato Hornworm  Turret Spider
Wolf Spider Yellowjackets
Tiger Beetle
Potter Wasp
Variegated Mud-Loving Beetle
Spider Wasp


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