American Robin
Tracks and Signs

Turdus migratorius


Robin Tracks

Click here to hear a robin sing. (18K WAV)


The robin is a bird that is commonly associated with the arrival of spring. Large flocks of them winter in the northern states. These large groups can contain thousands of birds.

Robins inhabit open woodlands, agricultural lands, gardens and parks. They are found from Guatemala to Alaska.

Robins build nests out of mud and grass. They form a cup with the mud and line it with grass. Nests are built in trees, on ledges, or on windowsills. They can have two broods each season. Robins have a high mortality rate, with 80% of them dying each year.

                      track with bulbous hallux

Perfect robin track in mud. Look closely at the hallux (toe number 1, which faces backward in the track). You will notice that the tip of the hallux is more plump than the rest of that toe. This is an identifying characteristic of robin tracks. This is the left foot.

                    robin track
Perfect robin track showing the characteristic bulbous tip to the hallux.
robin and gray fox tracks
Robin track above and gray fox tracks below.
                    robin scat
Robin scat in short vegetation
Freshly deposited robin scat
Robin scat
robin looks for prey
Robin looking for prey
robin pulling worm
Robin pulling a worm out of the ground
American robin
This robin seems to be posing for the camera. "Is this my best side?"
Pretty robin
Robin pauses
A robin pausing to look around
alert robin
Robin pausing while hunting food
hunting robin

Robins watch the ground like this, and listen. Then, they strike and sometimes catch something.

                    pretty robin
Robin on a sunny day

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