Spotted Sandpiper
Tracks and Sign



Spotted Sandpipers

spotted sandpiper tracks
A pair of spotted sandpiper tracks in mud. The tracks of spotted sandpipers show three toes facing forward and the hallux, or toe number one, facing backward. They differ from the tracks of killdeer because sandpipers show toe 1 and killdeer and plovers do not. 
spotted sandpiper tracks
Nice clear examples of spotted sandpiper tracks in mud along the Eel River. The hallux, or toe one (the one that facea backward) is very clear in these tracks.
spotted sandpiper tracks
This is pretty neat spotted sandpiper sign. You see the tracks among some swirling marks on the ground. The swirls, I think, are the marks left by an earthworm. The hole to the left is the probe hole made by the sandpiper's beak. I think it pulled an earthworm out and that is what was wriggling around on the ground.
spotted sandpiper tracks and probe holes
Spotted sandpiper tracks to the left. It also left a probe hole, which is a feeding sign.
spotted sandpiper tracks in mud
Here are the tracks and probe holes left by a spotted sandpiper. Running across the moddle of the photo, you can also see the tracks left by mice.
spotted sandpiper scat
I saw the sandpiper drop this scat and went over to take a photo of it.
spotted sandpiper on shore
A spotted sandpiper hunting along the algae-filled edge of the Eel River.
spotted sandpiper on shore hunting
Spotted sandpiper among rocks on the river's edge.
spotted sandpiper on shore
This spotted sandpiper is alert for any food that might happen by.
spotted sandpiper on shore
The spotted sandpiper spends its time hunting the edge of the body of water. The rear end of the bird bobs up and down as it moves, which is kind of comical. I'm not sure that the ecological function is of the bobbing though.
spotted sandpiper on shore
You can see the foot of the spotted sandpiper in this photo.
spotted sandpiper on the Eel River
The Eel River grows large amounts of algae near the end of each summer. It may be a good place to hunt since the spotted sandpipers like to hang out and watch for prey there.
spotted sandpiper on the Eel River
An alert spotted sandpiper



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