Animal Tracks Quiz

(Answers below.)

1. Which animal does not generally show claw marks in its tracks?

A. Gray Squirrel
B. Mountain Lion
C. Coyote
D. River Otter

2. Which animal does not show five toes in its tracks?

A. Raccoon
B. Bobcat
C. Black Bear
D. River Otter

3. Which animal does not have webbing on its feet?

A. Duck
B. River otter
C. Muskrat
D. Polar Bear

4. Which animal does not have four toes on its front feet and five toes on its hind feet?

A. Mouse
B. Beaver
C. Ringtail
D. Gray Squirrel

5. Which animal walks with front and hind prints paired side by side?

A. Coyote
B. Raccoon
C. Jackrabbit
D. Bobcat

6. True or False - Cats always show their claws in their tracks.

7. Tracks of these animals are heart-shaped.

A. Jaguars
B. Muskrats
C. Deer
D. Wild Turkeys

8. True or false - The tracks of kangaroo rats will always be found near water.

9. Which animalsí tracks commonly show three toes pointing forward and one toe pointing back?

A. Foxes
B. Birds
C. Wild Pigs
D. Black Bears

10. The tracks of these animals are very round in overall shape. The front two toes are slightly offset from each other.

A. Dogs
B. Beaver
C. Cats
D. Mule Deer

11. The outer two toes are larger than the inner two toes in these tracks.

A. Raven
B. Coyote
C. Domestic Cat
D. Bison

12. The tracks of the opossum have what unique feature?

A. Long claws
B. Six toes
C. Opposable thumbs
D. Hairy feet

13. Tracks of these playful animals may be interrupted by slides or rolls.

A. Snakes
B. River Otters
C. Coyotes
D. Gray Wolves

14. These animals commonly deposit scat in the middle of trails as a territorial marker.

A. Coyotes
B. Mice
C. Deer
D. Squirrels

15. If you find five claw marks on an apple tree trunk and the width of all five marks together is five inches, which animal climbed the tree?

A. Black Bear
B. Gray Squirrel
C. Opossum
D. Coyote

Bonus Question

This wild animal is a descendant of domestic animals brought over by settlers.

A. Wild Turkey
B. Wild Pig
C. Wildcat
D. All of the above

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