Turkey Vulture
Cathartes aura

Turkey vulture track. Photo copyright by Kim A. Cabrera

Turkey vultures are large soaring birds that can be 26 inches long with a wingspan of 67 inches. They weigh about 4 pounds. Being scavengers, they feed on carrion, garbage, and anything else they can find.

Turkey vultures have brownish bodies and red heads that lack feathers. The large hooked beak helps them tear flesh or other food.

Turkey vulture tracks can be found in many places, frequently near their feeding areas. They show three toes facing forward and one back. Claw marks sometimes show in the prints.



                    vulture in tree. Photo by Kim A. Cabrera 2002.

Turkey vulture in a tree.

Turkey vulture track with gray fox track on
                    top. Photo copyright by Kim A. Cabrera 2000.

This turkey vulture track was almost stepped on by a gray fox (track in upper left). This is the right foot.

turkey vulture left track
Left track of a turkey vulture on wet sand
left track of turkey vulture

The left track of a turkey vulture. I watched the bird land and then walk around on the river bar, then I went over and photographed its tracks.

turkey vulture track
turkey vulture track - left foot

turkey vulture track - left foot
turkey vulture track - left foot


                    Vulture. Photo copyright by Kim A. Cabrera 2007.

Turkey vulture looking for food on the ground


                      Vulture. Photo copyright by Kim A. Cabrera 2007.

Turkey vulture perched in a tree


Two turkey vultures in a fir tree. Copyright
                      Kim A. Cabrera 2005.

Pair of turkey vultures in a Douglas fir tree.


Two turkey vultures in a fir tree. Copyright
                      Kim A. Cabrera 2005.

Turkey vultures will often sit on a perch in the sun with their wings spread out like this. It might be to warm their wings or dry their feathers. I am not sure of the exact reason. I've often seen them doing this on cold mornings.

                      turkey vulture

Turkey vulture soaring on thermal updrafts. Vultures spend a lot of their time soaring. It conserves energy and allows them to find their food without wasting a lot of valuable energy.

turkey vulture in flight

Turkey vulture soaring in a river canyon


turkey vulture sunning wings

Turkey vulture warming its wings in late afternoon sunlight along a river


turkey vulture in tree

Turkey vulture in a tree


turkey vulture soaring

A soaring turkey vulture


turkey vulture composite image

Composite image of a turkey vulture


vulture in the morning

Turkey vulture sunning its wings in the early morning on top of a basketball backboard



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