Wolf Spider
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Wolf Spiders

The burrows below were found in Humboldt County, northern California. Wolf spiders in this area are common and their burrows can be found in mixed forest environments. The ones below were found in Douglas fir/tanoak/redwood forest environments.
wolf spider burrow


Wolf spider burrows can be wide, like this one, or narrow at the opening. This was a good-sized burrow.
opening of wolf spider burrow
Close-up view inside the entrance to a wolf spider's burrow. The silk lining only covers the entrance and a little way into the burrow. The entire burrow is not lined in silk.
ball of silk at opening of wolf spider burrow
This ball of silk was found at the entrance to this wolf spider burrow. I don't know if this functions as a sort of door, or if it was removed from the burrow by the spider. It's purpose is a mystery, so far.
silk lined wolf spider burrow enttrance
A silk-lined wolf spider burrow entrance

wolf spider burrow
Wolf spider burrow


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